Kayden Colby

Kayden grew up in a small, rural town in Utah. His days were spent exploring the mountains, biking, running and hunting. Ever since he was a child he had a strong desire to become a photographer. He is happiest when he has the space to be creative. Some of his favorite things to photograph are stars. Whenever he is camping at Lake Powell, Escalante or Moab he pulls out the camera and can spend the better part of the night shooting. He is especially interested in photojournalism; whether its making a vlog on daily life, or watching someone's else's story. Loving real stories and experiences is what motivated Kayden to become a photographer. When Kayden isn't busy with a camera you will probably find him trail running, biking, working out, eating a enchilada or drinking a cold beer with friends. He hopes that in the future he has the opportunity to document the journeys of incredible athletes and travel the world.

Jill Colby

Jill was a nomad from the beginning. She was born in Arizona, moved to Maryland, New Mexico and then to Utah, all the while moving a couple times within each state. Every time someone asked her where she grew up, she would give a different answer. Even after she got married, she was moving around at least once a year. Jill’s love of photography and videography came about when she was 16 years old. She bought her first camera and began photographing her environment. Some of her earliest photos were of rocks, flowers, bugs, sunsets, water and the neighbor’s horses. One of her earliest films was recording herself eating a twinkie. In high school she took a photography class and practiced doing portraits with film cameras.  In college, she took some more photography classes and a few photoshop classes. Eventually she graduated from Western Governors University with a Bachelor’s in Business Management. By then, she had branched out to wildlife and nature photography. Some of her favorite photographs (that she has taken) are of golden eagles, bald eagles, moose and abstract flowers. Kayden has often commented that “Jill is like the lady in Jurassic Park chasing after dinosaurs.” She never has been afraid to chase after something she shouldn’t. When Jill isn’t busy with her camera, she is cooking her dogs home cooked meals, playing fetch or giving them belly rubs. Some of her other hobbies include writing, working out, kayaking, hunting, long range shooting, off roading in her bronco and eating Chinese food. In addition to creating a successful business, some of her future dreams include becoming a published author and traveling to the middle east.