3 Affordable Products For Flawless Skin in Any Light Conditions

Did you know that most primers, foundations and powders have ingredients in them that cause a white glare to deflect off the skin and into the lens of the camera? This often will make models look shiny or washed out. Fortunately, photo flashbacks are super easy to avoid with Wet n Wild Photofocus products. A professional makeup artist introduced me to to this brand years ago, and I have been hooked ever since. Wet n Wild is extremely affordable, the ingredients don't cause breakouts and don't cause photo flashbacks. These products are especially difficult to find in stores, but you can easily subscribe and keep them coming to you through Amazon.

1. Wet 'n Wild Photo Focus Primer

2. Wet n' Wild Photo Focus Foundation

3. Wet n' Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder

Go look gorgeous in your next photoshoot without breaking your wallet! Be sure to check out Wet n' Wild eyeshadows and lip glosses to complete the look.

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