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Updated: Feb 3

1. Tell me about yourself and your business.

I’m Trevor Hansen, the co-owner of TCH Digital Media and Marketing. We are a husband and wife business with a select team of elite team members that bring talent that brings results. We are a top contender when it comes to SEO agencies in Layton, Utah.

TCH Digital Media and Marketing started in January of 2017. We are going on our 3rd year of business and growth is steady. Our major focus this year is Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services). We do content writing, backling building, keyword research and do it all with honesty and transparency.

Our business focuses on making sure that businesses can see a positive ROI from investing in their business by hiring us to solve a pain point for their business, whether it be a brick and mortar business or online only. We show our customers the work we are doing and how it will directly translate to more eyes on their website.

2. What inspired you to start your business?

TCH Digital Media and Marketing recognized the opportunity to solve problems that many business owners don’t realize they need. The online marketing realm is transforming faster than most small to medium businesses can keep up with. Just like any business owner that provides a service because of the level of skills they have refined over a long period of time, we have done the same with online marketing.

In the arena of SEO, there are a lot of shady business who are more than willing to take money, create a conversation for a couple of months, get paid for a few more and then disappear. This is one of the biggest reasons we decided to start our business. We were tired of businesses spending money with less than honest SEO companies or others who would sell a service that wasn’t really needed in the first place.

That’s right, we are willing to be honest about whether or not you need SEO services in the first place. We make the same recommendations to businesses as if it were our own business, hiring us to do a job. If I wouldn’t do it, I won’t recommend it.

3. Talk about challenges in your business and how you overcame them.

As mentioned before, a huge challenge in our industry of SEO, is companies not being transparent. We handle this well by setting the correct expectations. We help the customer understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. We even coach our customers to better understand how we go about doing the work so they feel comfortable about asking questions and guide the business focus.

One of our biggest selling points is the aspect of transparency. We will provide as much information as possible so our clients know exactly where their money is going. We do monthly reporting as well.

We provide a link for our clients to see the base of their campaign and what we are doing. We help them see the research we are doing and how we are focusing our efforts. Our biggest niche of focus is working with businesses that offer services. We are willing to take on other clients that have a product focus, but only if we can provide the level of expertise that the client deserves. We aren’t willing to take on any client, unless we know it will be a great fit for both parties.

4. What accomplishments have you experienced since starting your business?

We are proud to say that we still have our first client on retainer. Our accomplishments come from helping the customer see value in our work while watching their business grow.

One of our bigger accomplishments isn’t a milestone, but it’s the constant feedback we get from both clients and readers that they value the knowledge we share with the no-pressure sales pitch. No one wants to be pitched a service when they are simply inquiring to receive an answer to a question.

We provide a level of comfort with our customers that turns quickly into friends as the level of trust amplifies because it’s built on honesty and trust, through transparency. When doing this, it’s extremely easy for us because these attributes are ingrained with who we are, outside of business. We are more concerned about our character, than we are our reputation.

Outside of business, our passion for business in general is something we love to see people succeed at. Being a business owner takes a bit of risk, but not without some calculations to go behind it. Some people take the risk of working for someone who will guarantee a paycheck every two weeks, while others are willing to risk their own work ethic to place a meal on their table through their own efforts- we do the same.

5. What would you tell others who want to start a business and don't know where to start?

There are three key elements I would highly recommend to anyone who is starting a business or wants to start a business. Don’t take these lightly as they come with years of experience, failure and success. If these principles are applied, you can become extremely successful in whatever business you plan to start.

1) Make a plan that causes action. How are you going to market your business? How are you going to acquire customers? What are you going to sell – product or service?

Having a plan in place allows you to work toward something, namely a goal. If you know what you are working toward, it makes it way easier to pin point how you are going to accomplish that plan with goals in mind.

2) Create a process. People say if you have passion, you can do anything. I personally have never heard someone beat out another company, simply because they were more passionate. They were beat by the competition because the competition had a process in place.

Processes allow action and refinement. If you are looking for customers, put a process in place to make that happen. Go door to door, visit businesses, ask for referrals, and hire a sales person. Whatever the plan is, create a process to push the plan forward.

If you fail to have a plan, then you are planning to fail before you even know it.

3) Refine and adapt. If your process doesn’t work, learn something new that you can apply to your business and change the process. Some of our greatest processes come from hacking the first process made to accomplish a task. If something isn’t working, rework the process until it does. And if it doesn’t work out, network with others who are in the industry to learn from them. Mentors are a HUGE asset to have when starting a business.

Make your decisions for today, based on today’s information. Don’t depend on your past knowledge to fix your future problems. Learn from your past, apply it today and adapt your knowledge to leverage what you can do in the future.

Bonus Tip: Networking and doing one-on-ones (meeting people in person who you have connected to online but haven’t met personally) and get to know them. There is a lot of power in networking.

6. What are some of your 2020 goals? How do you plan to achieve them?

A goal we have is to grow our client base by 250%.

Another is to ask for more referrals.

Lastly, we are considering an escrow deal where the client puts an anticipated budget into escrow and if we can promise a few executable actions, then they pay after seeing results. We are still working through the logic but it’s something we’d like to do to help build trust with companies who aren’t as trusting.

How do we plan to do this? You guessed it, put a process in place.

7. Where can people find you?

We can be found at https://www.tchdigitalmedia.com or give us a call at 385.244.0736 or email me at Trevor (at) tchdigitalmedia.com

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