30 Under 30

Here is my list of 30 things that I would like to do before I am 30!

Currently 27- so I have 3 years to go!

1) Get a second bachelor’s degree in Software Development.

2) Start a second business, or expand my current business, to incorporate software development. Maybe I will develop apps? Or software programs?

3) Learn to code

4) Grow to a business team of 10-ish

5) Bring in 10k or more every month

6) Travel outside of the Country

7) Buy a rural country house with some land

8) Rent some office space for the business

9) Learn Dutch

10) Learn Swedish

11) Think about having kids

12) Road trip to Alaska

13) Film an epic documentary project. Like someone walking from one side of the country to the other. Okay maybe not that exactly, but something out of the ordinary.

14) Get at least two more tattoos

15) See a bear in the wild and snap a picture of it

16) Go on a back roads motorcycle trip

17) Take a tour of Space Ex

18) Start a podcast

19) Make another BFF

20) Learn martial arts

21) Have a kid?

22) Get an almost tan

23) Swim in Snowdonia

24) Go to a third world country

25) Start a non-profit organization to provide relief to Utah girls in religiously abusive homes. Maybe an outreach program that helps inspire girls to grow up and believe that they can be the boss in all the places that decisions get made (business, politics, religion, their own homes, etc.).

26) Help the in-laws retire on a comfortable money cushion

27) Learn a magic spell

28) Ride passenger in a Shelby Mustang…ok drive a Shelby Mustang!

29) Watch Birds of Prey at least 10 more times

30) Go to a drag show with Kayla and Keith

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What are things that you want to do before you enter into a new decade? Let us know in the comments below!


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