5 Ways to Market Using Facebook Groups

Starting a Facebook group from your business page can be an excellent way to broaden your audience, gain additional exposure for your business, make extra cash and connect on a deeper level with existing customers.

1. Open an Affiliate Shop

Explore companies that have an affiliate program and create a Facebook group around it. You can post ads and related blog posts into the group. For example, I am an affiliate of Creative Market. I post Ads to fonts, email templates, vector images, marketing templates and other items into the group.

Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/742856749497286/?source_id=380969942531709

2. Lead a Philanthropic Venture

Be the voice for change. Pick a social issue that you are passionate about and create posts to spark the change you seek. Take it a step further and get people donating or rallying towards the goal.

I created Rise Up, a scholarship program for girls who are working on a degree in business or information technology.

Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/529318660988601/?source_id=380969942531709

3. Start a Discussion Room

Sell a product? Sell a service? Create a Facebook group that facilitates open conversation for current customers. Conversation starters can be supportive, informational or engaging. Creating a community around what you offer can increase customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty and help further spread the word.

4. Communicate with Brand Ambassadors

Decrease lost customers by creating a super exclusive Facebook group. Show your gratitude by giving members the opportunity to earn badges, enter into giveaways, receive coupons and to receive the recognition they deserve.

5. Create a Challenge

Engage your audience by starting a free challenge. This could be a recurring Facebook Live challenge, a 7-day photography challenge or a 5-day fitness challenge. Make sure your challenge is unique to your industry. At the end of the free challenge, you can offer access to “more” which may include paying services or an invitation to another challenge.

Have you heard?

We started the Rise Up foundation. Rise up is a scholarship program that helps girls go to college and become the leaders they were always meant to be.

Learn more: wildoptix.com/riseup

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