Facebook Groups for Brand Awareness

Starting a Facebook group can be an excellent way to increase brand awareness! There are many things you can do with Facebook groups to reach a wider audience and increase customer loyalty on Facebook. Facebook groups to promote your business are only limited to your imagination. There is no right or wrong idea for a Facebook group. The most important thing is to moderate your group to prevent member harassment, bullying and spamming! Moderating Facebook groups is especially important to maintain the integrity of your brand.

Create Engaging Posts for your Facebook Group

Posting discussion-oriented posts in Facebook groups is one of the most popular ways to have a successful group and increase your brand awareness. Typically, your Facebook group is built around a common interest of members. This “interest” can be anything from networkers in a certain location, customers that all bought the same product or service, or people that have a similar belief. Discussion posts can provide insights, spark an interesting discussion, or highlight an announcement. If people are united in the “interest”, engagement on the post should come naturally. Your Facebook group should ultimately be providing value and a place to discuss topics with your audience that wouldn’t necessarily be discussed on a business page. Providing people with new knowledge, and a feeling of community through quality discussions, is a sure way to increase brand awareness.

Members Should Agree to Facebook Group Rules

A successful Facebook group should have rules! Your brand is associated with your Facebook group, so it is very important to make sure that the rules are supporting your image, company values, and that it is a safe place for people to engage. Ideally, have more than one group moderator to ensure that rules are being followed. To create Facebook group rules easily from your phone, simply go to the group, click on the three bars in the right-hand corner, and scroll down to where it says Group Rules. You can also update the Membership Questions to make sure that members agree to the rules. For example, if a rule is that members have to be in a specific region, you can have members verify their zip code. Or if a group rule is that members have to be part of a particular industry, you can have members verify with their website or Facebook page.

Active Facebook Group Moderators is Essential

It is best to have two or more moderators to make sure that the Facebook group rules are being followed. If your group is public and members can post onto the page without post approval, having Facebook moderators is critical. You will want a moderator to see posts immediately after they come out to prevent inappropriate content reaching your audience. Facebook groups can be set to private and you can update the group settings so that posts have to be approved before they post. Just remember that if you make a group private, it can never become public ever again! Often public groups that members can post freely in build traffic quickly because people can see the nature of the content before joining and can easily engage with other members of the group.

Do you have Facebook groups that you are a part of? What do you like about them? What sets the group apart from the business page? How can you utilize a Facebook group to increase your brand awareness? Get it touch with your go to social media marketing agency, Wild Optix Designs, to see how we can help leverage groups and increase your brand awareness for you.

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