How to reduce your website's drop rates

What are drop rates? A drop rate is a percentage of all site visitors that leave your website after spending only a couple seconds on ONE page. Yikes! This is an important number to take into account, because it means that site visitors are not seeing the rest of your website- which also means they are not converting into qualified leads or sales. While I could talk about how to reduce drop rates for days, there are a couple strategies you can do right now to reduce your drop rates.

For starters, treat the home page as a "sales pitch" that briefly summarizes what visitors may find on succeeding pages. Visitors should be able to easily scroll through the site and immediately know what the business is offering, who the service applies to, where and when they can access the service, and reasons why this service is going to benefit them. Be sure to emphasize "the why" with emotionally gripping statements and images.

Use appealing visuals to make a powerful impact. People may not remember every image; however, they are definately going to remember how they feel when they look at your site. For example, if your site is treating depression, still refrain from using sad images. By using positive images, you are associating your service with the feeling the image conveys. Subconsciously people will think “this service is going to make me feel like this smiling woman.”

Providing contact information to be easily accessible to visitors is essential. Some studies show that if visitors can’t find a phone number, or email or physical address within 3 seconds, they will leave the site. Make this information easily accessible without distracting visitors from the rest of the site. You can do this by using smaller fonts, simple colors and by strategically off setting the contact information.

Finally, take advantage of action buttons and scatter them throughout the entire site. Action buttons should utilize short verb phrases. Some common examples of this are “See More Now”, “Learn More Today”, “Review FAQS” or “Meet the Team.”

Do you have high drop rates? Would you like to generate more leads? Would you like a unique site? If you answered yes to any of these questions- Get in Touch Today!

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