Three Beliefs That Hold You Back from Running a Successful Business

Updated: Feb 27

1) I will end up hating my passions

I don’t know where this belief originated; however, I think that many people are raised to believe that if they build a business around their passions or hobbies they will end up hating their work. Or if you “have” to do something, then it will take the fun out of it. I do think that it is very important to take care of yourself by allowing yourself to rest, meditate, exercise and just take a break from the usual routine. However, believing that you are going to end up hating your trade if it’s your profession is a myth. Sure, owning a business as complete reliance on income is extremely stressful, but working a 9-5 with little say in your schedule, little opportunity for creativity, and constant stagnation is just as stressful. What if starting your business based on doing what you love, grows your enjoyment in doing it? What if you have more experiences and more opportunities to improve upon your work? What if you meet so many more amazing and wonderful people that help you to live a more inspired life? Personally, I believe that people live their best, happiest and most fulfilled life when they are taking risks and immersing themselves in what truly makes their heart fill with joy.

2) I am not good enough

We all have thought it at some point. We measure our past mistakes as a gauge for determining the likelihood of succeeding today. Deciding that past failures will forever dictate how you live out the rest of your life is ridiculous. We all have darker times in our lives and failure after failure. At times, we may not be able to think of one accomplishment or success that we are proud of. None of that should matter. What you think now, does. What you think now becomes your reality now. Start thinking, “I am successful now. I am capable now.” You are good enough. Be proud of who you are and your accomplishments. Don’t diminish your worth just because someone has more experience or a stronger portfolio than you. Just keep learning and keep growing and be grateful for the progress. If you are thinking about starting a business, just get started. Popping out this grand, magnificent business is unrealistic for most people- start small and build upon whatever it is you have to start with.

3) I don’t deserve success

For years, I felt like I should put my dreams on hold until a certain person in my life achieved their goals. I worried about how they would feel if they were still struggling and I was out conquering. I cannot remember exactly how the quote goes, but someone handed me a quote that basically said, “When you let your light shine, you unconsciously allow others to let their light sine too.” I didn’t realize this, but by being successful, you are helping others to be successful too. We all haunt ourselves with reasons why we don’t deserve opportunities or money or that nice “something”. It is important to shift your thoughts to, “I do deserve success because it will allow me to give more” or “I do deserve to live the life that I want because it will allow me to inspire more people.” I like to believe that the universe truly does want us to be successful because we all have a message to share, a gift to give or that life to change. You just have to create the space inside yourself to allow that to happen.

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