What Culture Normalizes is Baffling

Recently, YouTube has made some pretty big changes. Any video that has anything to do with hunting, fishing (in some cases), knives, firearms, archery, etc. are being demonetized and restricted. This will be to the detriment of 1000s of YouTubers. In this video, Survival Lilly shows you how to make your own long bow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPwuCbN3j3Q&t=9s. Unfortunately, for this YouTuber, this video is one of many that is now demonetized. Personally, I think that the ability to carve your own bow is incredible. I do not think it is acceptable for this video to be demonetized. This next video is about how Survival Lilly feels in response to having her video demonetized: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4JqkvU734A. Frankly, I think she is right. How is it that big media companies like Netflix and Hulu can show things like rape,incest and murder and still be making profits? Yet, a simple YouTuber can no longer receive profits from a video she made about carving a bow.

Big media corporations and the government should not have all of the power when it comes to media content. A lot of people watch YouTube because people are sharing real life stories and are being genuinely authentic. What is going to happen when many YouTubers cannot provide sustainable income for their families? YouTube gives people the ability to share their voice, spread ideas and encourage other people to think outside the box. Being restricted from earning income from honest work is a violation of rights; especially in Survival Lilly’s case- if ads are still being forced onto her video advertising rape, incest and murder. Why is watching Game of Thrones considered okay, but watching something as primitive as making a bow is not?

As human beings, I believe we were meant to hunt, to gather and to live simply. Criminalizing hunting, archery, and knives is unjust. When anyone eats meat, they have directly or indirectly taken that animals life. At the grocery store, you are paying for someone else to take the life of the animal- though that animal was probably thankful to be put out of its misery. Why is this grocery shopping considered normal and hunting is not? I would never condemn someone for buying meat at the store; because like hunters, they are surviving and providing food for themselves and for their families. Hunting does not mean you are evil, a ruthless murderer or an animal hater. You are connecting emotionally to your food and reducing your carbon footprint. It is important for readers to know that I have never taken the life of an animal. I have been going hunting (designated scouter, pusher, packer, etc.) for almost 8 years. I did not grow up hunting. The reason I am bringing this up is because I am pleading to people while standing on neutral ground… both groups of people need to start respecting each other.

I do hope that as a society we can move back into having more individual freedoms by analyzing our own cultural norms. Majority beliefs do not automatically make the belief “right” and it certainly does not mean that those beliefs should be forced upon everyone else in the form of regulations and cyber bullying. Freedom is something that the United States prizes above all else. In order to keep that, I think we need to constantly be challenging our beliefs, we need to ask more questions, and we need to listen to perspectives that are different from our own. Imagine how the world would flourish if more people were willing to let go of their biases and allow space for people to create and share their voice.


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